Helio MAP-500 Control Panel

Helio MAP-500 Control Panel

System Features

  • 7.0″ Touch Screen TFT display.
  • Connect up to 500 gas sensors.
  • Up to 64 analogue Inputs with expansion
  • Up to 64 analogue Outputs with expansion
  • 8 Volt free relay outputs, expandable to 72
  • Visual indication of gas levels, status and location.
  • Interface with other devices, names and units are programmable.
  • Remote reset / isolate.
  • 8 GB SD Card for data-logging & floor plans.
  • Wall or 19” rack mount enclosures. IP 65 rating.



User Friendly

  • Touch screen interface
  • Easy to use Step by step menu
  • Customise area floor plans with detector locations
  • Any 4-20mA device can be interfaced
  • Supplied pre-configured
  • Minimal training required
  • Password protected

Cost Benefits

  • Connect up to 500 gas sensors as part of an RS 485
  • Network resulting in reduced cabling and installation costs
  • Simple installation allows the control panel to be conveniently located
  • Compact unit 280mm x 320mm x 135mm


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