Helio Graphics Display Unit

Helio Graphics Display Unit

  • Bespoke Graphics Displays
  • 10″ up to 75″ Screens.
  • View exact locations and readings in seconds
  • Ideal for emergency response teams
  • Allows multiple area displays with automatic or manual selection
  • Numerous control panels can be connected to a single screen
  • Combine detectors and control panels in one system
  • Wall or desktop mounted
  • Remote dial-in viewing



All Helio products can communicate with each other allowing a wide range of installations suiting most requirements with a single solution.
Non Helio products can be added to the network including temperature, pressure, radiation ,existing detectors or any device that provides an output.
Intuitive menus and on screen help text ensure ease of use and minimal training.
Add relays, analogue inputs and outputs with expansion modules as required.


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