Helio RS485 Repeater

Helio RS485 Repeater

System Features

  • Mount anywhere within the network
  • Visual indication of gas levels
  • 1.7″ Full-Colour display
  • Network up to 500 gas sensors
  • U-processor based functionality
  • RS-485 Communication
  • Internal fault monitoring
  • Set time remotely from the MAP Panel.
  • Automatically detects other networked devices
  • Powered from network
  • Display 5 detectors at once



The RS485 Repeater can be added anywhere in the network and will display the readings and status of all devices on the network. Typically used in conjunction with the MAP panel to provide local information on alarms within a room, lab, gas shed etc. without having to enter.

Applications include: Waste Water Treatment Facilities, Manufacturing, Pharma, Bio-Pharma, Food and Beverage industries, Boilers, Laboratories, Car parks, Agriculture and Landfill sites.


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