Refrigeration Gas Detection

The user-friendly  Helio Chill-Ir Control Panel or SL/SA detectors are easily installed to monitor gas hazards associated with refrigeration systems. Install as a standalone system or connect to the HELIO Control Panel, remotely mounted gas sensors enable the operator to view displayed gas levels from a safe distance.   Control slam shut-valves, extract fans and local alarms via alarm relays, 4-20mA output and Modbus which are supplied as standard with all HELIO Gas Detectors.

Typical gas hazards include:

  • NH3
  • C3H8
  • SF6
  • Ethylene
  • R-1234yf
  • R-1234ze
  • R-507A
  • R-125
  • R-134a
  • R-404A
  • R-407A
  • R-407F
  • R-410A
  • R-449A
  • R-417A
  • R-448A
  •  R-452B
  •  R-452A
  • R-32
  •  R-227
  • R-143
  • R-454B

Helio Refrigerant Gas Detectors

Helio Refrigerant gas leak detectors are designed to quickly identify refrigerant gas leaks, minimise loss of gas and product, and reduce energy consumption. We supply fixed refrigerant gas leak detection systems for the detection of all tyoes of refrigerant gases including, but not limited to: R134a, CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, Ammonia, Carbon Dioxide. Our monitors can detect and measure multiple gases and our Helio Chill-IR control panel provides a visual indication of gas levels, sensor status and location. They are compatible with IR bench, EC or PID sensors, and have an IP-65 rating, ensuring longevity. For a full list of features please click on the data sheet link.

Our products are affordable, reliable and can monitor and detect a wide range of refrigerant gases in several zones.

F-Gas Regulations:

Applications containing 300kg or more of F-Gas refrigerant have to be equipped with a fixed leakage detection system which on detection of leakage alerts the operator. The proper functioning of the leakage detection system has to be checked at least once every 12 months.

Applications meeting this requirement may include Air conditioning systems, Dairy Coolers, Chilled and Refrigerated Storage buildings, Heat-Pump systems, Supermarkets, Plant rooms, Laboratories, Food processing factories etc

More information and guidance on F-Gas compliance and your statutory obligations can be obtained here: &


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