The Helio MAP-64 uses an RS485 network that allows up 64 Helio  detectors to be connected to a single control panel. With a large 4.3" vibrant touch screen display the control panel is very user friendly. The readings and status of each detector are displayed with any events being  highlighted in red.

An event log with current and historical time stamped information can be viewed with a single button press. Detectors can be isolated remotely, relays can be configured to latching, enriching, deficiency, delayed, energised and zoned per gas or area.

Two digital inputs are available and can be assigned to relay outputs with individual message text.

Expansion modules can be added to allow 4-20mA or bridge analogue inputs, additional relays(8 per module).

Password protected.

A separate RS485 output is available to provide information on control panel and status & reading s of all detectors.