MAP 10 Control PAnel
MAP 50 Control Panel

Helio MAP 50 Control Panel Datasheet 1.0

System Features

Remotely mount up to 50 detectors
Incorporates Infra-red, electro-chemical,
catalytic and PID sensor technologies
Visual indication of gas levels
4-20mA Inputs accepted via detector.
3.2″ Full Colour display.
4 x Volt free contacts. 12A @ 230Vac
Alarm levels freely programmable, delay latch etc.
Internal fault monitoring RS485
Modbus RTU

User Friendly
Non-intrusive one person calibration
Easy to use step by step menu
Minimal training required
Programmable alarm levels
Password protected
Supplied pre-configured

Cost Benefits
Aluminium Enclosure
RS-485 Network reduce cabling costs
Simple installation
Plug-in replacement sensors